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Cognitive psychotherapy

Our thoughts, feelings and behaviours are closely interrelated. We literally create our reality by the thought patterns we maintain and the words we speak to ourselves in our inner dialogue. In addition to the cognitive approach, I utilize emotion-focused therapy tools.

The goals of therapy are to help you identify the sources of your psychological suffering and seek to understand your own way of experiencing things, as well as practice “reading” your feelings in order to learn how to react to them in more helpful ways.

In our sessions we explore the connections between your problematic experiences and your perceptions about them. Together, we build alternative and more sustainable models of behaviour and coping strategies.


Commonly experienced benefits of psychotherapy may include e.g. an increase in mental well-being, mental flexibility and integrity, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and life management skills. Often as a side effect, your relationships also become more rewarding.


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Kognitiivinen psykoteapia

Workshops and lectures

In my workshops and lectures I incite a relaxed and free atmosphere that is the starting point of learning, innovation and expanding one's comfort zone. Let's work together and spend a few moments considering a topic that adds value to you and your team!

Previously requested themes have been e.g.


  • Attachment styles

  • Emotional skills

  • Self-Worth & Self-esteem

  • Inter-generational trauma

  • Mental health and lifestyle

  • The happiness trap

  • Effective communication in relationships

  • "You are worthy"

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Työpajat ja luennot

Women's retreats

Welcome to the women's retreats! We hold them every first Thursday of the month from 9 am to 12 pm in the beautiful countryside at Kirkila, Liperi. We first gather in an atmospheric sauna room for a discussion on changing topics (approx. 1 hour), where you can participate in a discussion or listen to the thoughts of others. From there we move to the warmth of the sauna. After sauna and refreshing dips in the lake, Indian vegetarian lunch is available. Women's mornings are refreshing and empowering moments of togetherness in the middle of everyday life for women of all ages. Varied discussion topics are discussed in a respectful and inclusive atmosphere.

Price: €25 / person, incl. lunch. Payment: cash, bank transfer or MobilePay.

Account number: FI11 5234 0320 0883 69 / Psykoterapeutti Leena Rana

Binding reservations: Leena Rana: / +358503444359, day before.

Address: Kirkiläntie 7 C, 83100 Liperi. Drive forward along Kirkiläntie, following the signs "ITÄRANTA".

Max. 10 people, please reserve your place well in advance.

Next women's morning: Thu Oct. 6th from 9 to 12. Welcome!


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